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reagan national is located. south and east, much of southern maryland has very dense fog. visibilities are down to near zero across parts of central virginia. right now, we have it near 40 degrees at washington. in the mid 40s elsewhere across much of west virginia, virginia and maryland. and the densest fog, here's the latest visibilities. down to 1/3 of a mile at reagan national and throughout much of southern maryland, down to a half to 1/3 of a mile. culpeper, visibility, zero. some really thick fog there. west and north, it's really not as bad. the visibilities are around five to ten miles per hour. we still have quite a bit of cloudiness around. there may be a few lingering sprinkles around the panhandle of west virginia. there's the live view from the city camera. reagan national airport is lost there in the fog. you can barely make out the lights of the airport now. by 9:00, a lot of the fog will be dissipating. we still may have poppy fog around. sun -- patchy fog around. sunrise at 6:57. mostly sunny through the rest of the afternoon with mild temperatures for february, mid 5
defined line sleet ande rain, the the snow. time.snow at this southern maryland has and all rain event. for a little bit of across the immediate metro area. will move into the overnight. how much can be expected? when will this move out of here? have full details coming in just a few minutes. our storm watch coverage continues tonight. starting toes is of the snow moved in. >> we are here in clarksburg, been snowing for hour now. part of an we look over to that tree over there. concern is the rose. we have some video to show you. the big concern roads. the highway crews say they are down salt on some of the slick spots. in places out west like colorado, it was a lot worse today. winter is striking back. >> it has been horrible. just going down the highway at 35 miles an hour. a >> we could plow if it was just snow. brings it right back. >> in kansas and iowa, drivers white-outs and slippery roads. truck drivers are trying to withstand the blizzard conditions. denver airport personnel are get back ono schedule after more than 600 flights were cancelled. >> it gets frustrating, b
storms could become severe especially in southern maryland and the northern neck of virginia and through the middle peninsula towards tidewater. some storms could contain hail and damaging winds. it will be very gusty this afternoon across the board. around and death and time the wind will be increasing. gusts 50-60 miles an hour later on today. highs in the a upper 40's this weekend. >> a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in maryland now on its way to the governor's desk. >> the state senate approved an historic legislation yesterday. the free states will be the eighth state with equal marriage rights. brianne carter is live in annapolis with details and why opponents say this fight is not over yet. >> that's right. that's exactly what they are setting. it has been a contentious issue from the beginning. last night was no different. measure narrowly passed 25-24 in the senate. this is not going to end. opponents say they will do more and want to continue the fight. the governor has already said that he puts on this interlock. maryland is course to be the next state to allow same-sex mar
. 43 southern maryland. easton is 37. it's 37 also in tappahannock. fredricksburg 41. upper 30s for the shenandoah valley. we've got some big rains -- big ranges in the temperatures depending on how quickly the clouds clear out overnight. good visibility. the capitol dome still shining brightly this morning with 45 degrees, feeling like 39 thanks to agent bit of a breeze north, northwest at 13 at reagan national. see this guy right here coming across? you'll notice a few specks of green. we did have a few showers across southern maryland and the delmarva. that is gone. our next weather system is actually off the map in the central plains bringing some rain and some snow to places like nebraska and colorado. for us sunshine today. here we are by noon. a nice midday. going to be outside this afternoon, other than a little jacket weather is going to cooperate with you big time. tonight clear. overnight here come the clouds for tomorrow morning. might see a few flurries in some of our ridgetops to the west in western maryland and west virginia. during the morning hours some of the s
thunderstorm activity in southern maryland just about done. they had warm weather that helped fuel storms in southern maryland and on the lower eastern shore. we can see the last remnant of the storms are off of ocean city, a little bit of activity but central maryland, just a few rain showers, one toward bel air. watch for extreme southern maryland and some warnings toward worcester county. temperature wise, you can see what happened, mid-50s for baltimore and d.c. 76 in sals bury and in fredericksburg in the 70s. high wind advisory. you cay gusts up around 30 to the west. they will invade and overspread the state. windy and foggy. 50 for now. much colder for the weekend. we'll talk about that straight ahead. >>> the search is on for three men who attacked a couple walking to their car at the westfield annapolis mall. don harrison explains what police are looking for and how people feel about security at the mall. >> reporter: it's something thousands of people do every day at the westfield annapolis mall, walk to their car in the parking garage. yesterday that simple act turned into a n
.com. >>> after some active weather in southern maryland last night in the form of snow showers, crystal clear today. the sunshine warming things up. what light accumulations we did have in southern maryland melting off quickly with the sunshine and temperatures well above the mid-40 mark. easton 44. it will be a breezy and barely cool evening, barely crisp. we'll talk about how your complete week shapes up coming up. >>> a day on the slopes turned deadly in washington state this weekend. a group of eight people, all experts fear went skiing. an avalanche came crashing down sweeping some 3,000 feet down a canyon. there were avalanche warnings at the time. >> i wouldn't be doing it. again, that's part of the thrill on this type of skiing. it was their decision. >> a fourth person was killed in a separate avalanche in washington state over the weekend. experts say avalanches kill about 25 people in the u.s. each year. >>> drivers in the richmond area probably wished they stayed home yesterday and today. virginia state police responded to nearly 1,000 traffic crashes. more than 200 were in and ar
of southern maryland are going to see the chance for some snow here. right now we did see rain come through the area a little earlier. that rain is out of here. we have a couple of nice days ahead on thursday and saturday. some of the latest data coming out right now, i'll update on what i think you may get in your area coming up in my full forecast. >> there is a proposal that would bring a high end casino to the banks of the potomac. even in its infancy, the idea is creating a lot of controversy. jackie bensen has the story. >> reporter: the proposal is a bold one. if prince georges county executive baker has his way, a full-style las vegas style casino will rise from this vacant space. in a statement he said i believe we should develop a world-class destination. i envision a facility that attracts tourist, visitors, meetings and conventions from all over the world. all types of numbers are being battered around. baker estimates the facility will cost $1 billion. a study estimates 40% of patrons will come from maryland, 15% from the district and 45% from virginia. but it is another number
still in southern maryland but rainy, foggy, thunderstorms to the east. we'll talk about how things shake out. >>> the man who was stabbed during a road rage is being charged as well. jeffrey neil furlough is charged with two counts of first degree assault. furlough was driving an suv and got into an argument with the driver of another car. furlough got stabbed by the other passenger. furlough held the passenger. sudbrook was arrested. although furlough wasn't arrested, an arrest warrant was issued? >> it's been two days since george huguely was found guilty in the murder of crerd yerd. now one of the jurors is talking about the decision. >> reporter: the first juror is talking about how he and fellow jurors felt. he said the hardest part was looking at the pictures but now feels like he knows the victim, friends and family. >> when we came out with our verdict, both times, i was not afraid to look at george and look at him, and i think that's because i was confident that what we did was right. >> he recommended a sentence of 20 years. huguely would likely be out of age pie 45. he w
south of washington along highway 3 in virginia and lower southern maryland. tomorrow even warmer. approaching 70 in some spots. a sprinkle. friday morning we had a chance of rain. cooler by saturday. >> i have wonderful news around beltway. accidents, and no problems. construction veras are being moved out of the way. we are good in and out of the district right now. all these barrels are moving out way.e we will give you a live picture the camera. as you, a light in volume. a green light for everyone now. >> now to the news. >> we began this morning with a day in the trial of george huguely. >> a jury will begin deciding his fate. he is facing six charges including first-degree murder killing extra for an yeardley love. jurors could consider lesser charges including second-degree murder and manslaughter. faces up to life in prison if convicted. stay with abc 7 with up-to-the- minute coverage. we will plus the latest update at the man accused of plotting a on the capital is be in court for a hearing. he was arrested on friday. he planted to definite -- detonates a s
towards the shenandoah valley. down in southern maryland, 52 degrees and 57 in quantico. limited sunshine today. limited to the afternoon hours. a few sprinkles throw lunchtime. no widespread rain. no soaking rain. just a few drops. bits of light rain here atlanta. warm, though. tonight, increasing clouds. a few showers south of the metro area and even through the first part of day tomorrow. morning rain and then afternoon sun. it will be cooler behind the cold front. temperatures back down in the 50's. 10 degrees above average for this time of year. ending the workweek friday near 50. how is traffic? >> it is wonderful. they did a lot of overnight construction near tysons. that you that is now complete. still a little bit of lingering road work on 66 at the beltway but that will be gone very soon. no worries to report now in montgomery county. this is smooth on the belt way. more to come on the traffic side in a little while, but now news. >> thank you, lisa. now this morning more than 100 people found themselves o it in the street after an apartmen
in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties. and it's in the low to mid 50s in southern maryland, eastern shore. low 40s farther to our west. later today, strong winds developing later this afternoon. we are going to have wind gusts to 60 miles per hour in that area in pink. and farther to the east, we could have gusts to 50 miles per hour. that will be late this afternoon and this evening. here's the day planner, sunrise will be at 6:48. we'll have -- after the morning showers, sun breaking out mid morning to midday. by then, near 70. may hit mid 70s early afternoon. then more storms may come in late afternoon when the winds will increase. they'll continue into tonight. a look at the friday evening planner in ten minutes. danella? >>> good morning. taking the trip along i-270, nice and quiet as you make your way southbound and head to the spur. let's take the trip together. 66 miles per hour southbound in germantown. approaching rockville, 64 miles per hour. really not seeing any major issues for you at all. a live look now as you make your way toward the spur southbound. travel
, it is pretty quiet outside. >> it is quieting down. parts of the area, even locally, southern maryland, we got viewers in colonial beach and virginia, they got a pretty good round of snow during the evening hours last night. la plata and down into southern maryland, lower eastern shore so we got some pretty impressive snow amounts as well. >> a little sledding going on around there today. >> we've got parts of the area that didn't get much of anything. large parts of the year. >> after all the snow last year, we deserve a little break. >> santa claus brought a lot of kids sleth and they went to put them to use at least once -- sleds and they want to put them to use at least once this year. things quieting down. you can see everything exit stage right there off the lower eastern shore. the snow -- the rain transitioning to some snow showers down towards salisbury and ocean city but the general trend is out of here. we should be in for a bright sunny day today with temperatures right where they should be. it will feel cooler than the upper 40s with these winds. currently, it is 37 in washington.
into the south. rain-snow mix possible in southern maryland to ocean city where some of it coo accumulate as we head into the night. this is basically what i'm expecting. a good base with snow for today. very minimal amounts from baltimore down toward the south. even into d.c. you may see snow showers micking with brain showers. that will have a hard time sticking on the ground. a better chance to see any accumulation will be from southern maryland to ocean city. even that will be minimal and mostly on grassy areas. the big bull's-eye, the snow back into central virginia. some places from 2 inches to 6 inches of snow. futurecast showing all of this staying mostly to our south. just a thin banding of rain and snow south of baltimore into tonight. then the storm clears out. beautiful weather for president's day. for tonight, gradually clearing. lose downs -- lows down into the 20's and 30's. high up to 48. up to 50's the rest of the week. even near 60 as we look into thursday. each and every day this upcoming week, a slight chance for rain showers. >> thank you, ava. singing super-star whilt any
. 32 tonight. yes there could be slick and coated areas lower eastern shore and southern maryland. we are looking good tomorrow. 48, sunny skies and tomorrow night temperatures dropping to the upper 20s under clear skies, take a look at the outlook. you know we are talking about snow on this sunday. look what happens by wednesday and thursday it. warmer conditions to say the least. up above 60 on thursday there. is even some indication we could hit the mid60s thursday,. >> good. >> little bit of everything. >> don't lump him in with all the rest. he is the only one that didn't hype this storm up. how does it feel to be right? >> try to nail it. try to nail it. thank you. >> we will take it. >> tomorrow marks a major milestone in history. john glenn's space flight. he was the first american to orbit the earth in 1962. he would circle three times traveling at speeds reaching 17,000 miles an hour. his flight was the turning point that put america in the winning path that led to the moon. and is he from ohio. >> john glenn. we can compete tweet, trend friend and up load. >> how so
central virginia, into southern maryland. of you can see where the downpours are, you are getting rain. you can see that heavy downpour likely to come up and novato easton. overnight the chance for the showers and south of the city 42, we talk about how things change, big time tomorrow into the weekend coming up. >> thank you. >> it's a name that most of us know, a brand of bake ware found in millions of homes but injuries and explosions in kitchens across the country are tied to it. tonight we take a look at what could be causing the explosions and how you can do a better job of protecting your family. . >> a loud explosion. liquid and glass all over the inside of the oven, the shelving, the doors. >> reporter: karen was baking brownies in a pyrex pan. >> i grew up with it and never expected to explode. >> that whole end blew off. >> reporter: shattered, exploded, blew apart, split into two. common experiences shared on consumer cataloging more than 1100 incidents since 2006 in 2012 alone the site has collected break age reports at a rate of one a day. consumers repo
of this storm and how much southern maryland could see when we come back in the full forecast. >> our big story this morning, after two weeks of intense testimony and several delays, both the defense and prosecution have rested in the george huguely trial. >> he is cuesed of killing -- he is accused of killing his exgirlfriend, cockeysville native, yeardley love. >> a jury must now decide whether george huguely killed yeardley love on purpose, unintentionally, or simply not at all. before george huguely's fate was to be put in the hands of a jury, the defense called one last medical witness, a neurosurgeon, who said in his opinion yeardley love's brain did not have injuries consistent with blunt force trauma. jury instructions were read, and arguments began. chapman reminded the jury of the e-mail where george huguely said to love that he should have killed her. about the night george huguely went to see her, they asked how frightened yeardley love must have been when george huguely kicked in the door. chapman told the jury the only possible explanation for her death was blunt force trauma. cha
across southern maryland. snow is in the southern part of the state but none of that today. crystal clear. our satellite picture including down through central virginia where they did get several inches of snow a lot of melting with the sunshine. temperatures well above fried freeze -- above freezing. goldsboro 43. we had light snow, 42. 46 -- the rest of the evening will fall through the evening. things will begin to change last we were move toward the latter part of the week. this won't be more winter like this time, just the opposite. >>> 50 years ago today john glenn made history as the first american to orbit the earth. back in 1962 our country was losing the space race but glenn helped us catch up and soon became the trailblazer. looking back, glenn remembers concerns he calls laughable a half century later. >> the ophthalmologists were concerned your eyes might change shape and your vision would change and you couldn't seat instrument panel enough to make an emergency reentry if you had to. >> good thing the doctors were wrong. he had to fly much of the mission by hand. then on ree
to fuel strong thunderstorms which might make it to southern maryland as well. so that's another problem that we may have to deal with as we get into the latter part of the afternoon. i'll come back and we'll look at some other maps for you and talk about the weekend because we have some colder temps returning. jc back to you. >>> thank you very much howard. well, a shoe sensation is sweeping the country. nike's release of some new exclusive glow in the dark sneakers is sparking frenzy and frustration. i want you to take a look at the line outside prince george's county plaza. in hyattsville, people began lining up last night to get a chance at the nike air foam galaxy shoe, however thigh went away disappointed. >> pair of nike shoes limited edition. everyone wanted to get them. i was trying to get them in line. >> so what happened? >> we waited until about 6:30 in the morning. and finally somebody from foot locker decided to come out and say that they were not selling the shoes no more. >> well, the scene at prince george's plaza was repeated all over the country. between 800 to 1,000 p
, andrews, back into southern maryland, certainly down 95 towards fredericksburg. we'll put this into motion, hugs the southern viewing area. by 7:00 maybe showers as far north as frederick that. might be overdone. we do see heavier activity. most of the stuff in the morning will be light, enough to wet the roads. then it rolls out quickly. by 1:00 we're seeing clearing skies in the west and a few leftover showers extreme southern maryland. you will clear out later and a little cooler air moves in, just enough to turn a little rain to snow showers back into western maryland and also into west virginia. tonight mostly cloudy, chilly, light rain by dawn, lows 38 to 46, winds out of the northwest at 10. most folks will hold in the 40s tonight. tomorrow an early shower possible, but partly cloudy, cool, temperatures in the 40s and by afternoon a very nice day, partly cloudy, cooler, but still mild. everything is relative, high temperatures around 55, winds out of the northwest at 10. hard to believe we're going to lose 20 degrees and still be 55 degrees. we'll break it down. 40s tomorrow, some s
's county. much of southern maryland as well as the northern neck and just about all of virginia, west virginia and the rest of maryland in the 20s this morning including the eastern shore right near the waters. all of this thanks to cold dry high pressure that's moved over the region, cleared out our sky yesterday afternoon and we'll have as a result plenty of sunshine today, getting above freezing by later in the morning. by 9:00 the upper 30s and near 50 by noon time. ought to hit low to mid-50s during the middle of the afternoon. sunrise 7:10, sunset at 5:35. evening planner at 5:is 1. we have a look at monday morning traffic. >> i-66, it is cold but it's clear. not seeing any issues for you as you travel east out of haymarket. looking good at gainesville. 67 miles per hour. centreville, 67 miles per hour. westbound and eastbound looking good. i-66 crossing over the beltway still clear, very light volume. a live look at southland parkway. eastbound travel speed for you. from the beltway to g.w. parkway 61 miles per hour. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. joe, back
to snow, including southern maryland also and may also track up to around the d.c. area. this model here thinks it will be farther south. the model still having a hard time dealing with this system. so how much snow could we get? well, this is a little bit more of an aggressive model. in d.c. up to three inches potentially, generally one to three inches around the d.c. area. you go farther north, not a whole lot, maybe an inch or maybe nothing up towards hagerstown and the mason dixon line. points south of d.c., that's where we'll see more amounts, we're talking three to four inches in southern maryland, you go southwest and into the appalachians, that's where we could see several inches of snow for tomorrow night. for tonight, partly cloudy, breezy and cold, lows in the lower 30s. tomorrow a severe weather alert day, breezy and colder, you will need your coat and the snow bootses for the kids. highs will be in the low 40s. temperatures will be falling in the afternoon. here's a look at your next seven days. this is just for tomorrow, but for president's day, we'll be milder back into th
of baltimore into southern maryland. wet weather crossing the lower eastern shore of southern delaware at 6:00 a.m. thursday. partly cloudy skies in southern pennsylvania. wet weather to our south. the morning should be mostly cloudy. further south, a better chance of having to do with a little rain. the mild flow of southwesterly wind will move off the coast tomorrow as this front flows through. it is not an arctic front or a blast of bitter cold. to the northwest, temperatures are not bad at all. there could be wet weather for super bowl weekend. right now, it is only 35 in chicago. 32 in minneapolis. not all that called for early february. the sky is clearing. the temperatures will drop a little bit. the state above normal for the next seven days. the western storm approaches in the mountains of west virginia and virginia by saturday evening. saturday night, the rain will start pushing into baltimore. the shower south of town in the morning. a little cooler than today. still 10 to 15 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. tomorrow sunny and 40 on friday. it is not going to be
. it did not get to baltimore. it did make it to southern maryland. richmond was 80 degrees today. we barely got into the 50's today. we did not get to the record high of 79 set back in 1985. the heavy showers and storms have been on the lower eastern shore where a tornado watch remains in effect. temperatures are much warmer there. they were in the 80-degree range. they are dropping into the 60's. there is a high wind warning in garrett county and the mountains. there are wind advisories around baltimore and the eastern shore. the wind has not kick in. when the front passes by, the strong wind out west will sweep into baltimore. overnight, we will have the strongest winds gusting over 40 miles an hour. a snow advisory in garrett county. they will get several inches over the weekend. the wind will turn to the west. temperatures will drop into the 30's. the chilly air will filter into the weekend behind the front. the stationary front was the warm front. it was marching north and installed across southern maryland. the cold front is now coming in from the west. high pressure will build
will have a grazing pattern for you folks in southern maryland. you may be seeing some wet snow into sunday. i do not think there is any threat of any significance know here in the washington area. tomorrow, in the meantime, when you get up, it will be sunny and cool. increasing clouds. a another balmy day with temperatures 10 degrees above average. there is a risk of some snow, but again, it will be to the south. right here around washington, a 50/50 chance of seeing anything on sunday. for the holiday on monday, a pretty good weather. back to sunshine. you can always keep posted about everything on our web page. there is the doppler. what did tomorrow. snow lovers, sledding, not likely. >> some other sporting activities to participate in this weekend. >> definitely. [laughter] >> have you been practicing? >> note. -- no. >> jeremy lin place tonight. the capitals and the panthers were rocking and rolling. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a littltle bird told me about a bandnd... ♪ ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ ♪
in southern maryland and eastern charles county and anne arundel, calvert, and st. mary's. pretty intense rain coming down 4 and 5. we're not seeing any lightning right now like earlier. the warm front will trigger a couple more showers possible this evening and we could pick up a dry breeze out of the west laurel which would increase temperatures. 40's right now. we will be near 50 this afternoon. a couple more showers could come back this evening. we will talk about the rest of the week, coming up. >> republican presidential hopeful mitt romney back on top. he bounced back from a triple defeated earlier this month to win the primaries in michigan and arizona. analysts say that it is still early to tell whether the momentum will last. rick santorum does not seem to be backing down. a live look from knoxville tennessee, where he is expected to speak before a group of voters this afternoon. brianne carter is in the newsroom to tell us who analysts expect a lot down the nomination. >> political analysts say that it is going to be some time before the party has a nominee. if it appears after last
or showers at this time. that is across the district, prince george's county southern maryland is dry. the roadways are wet. the future-cast, the next 40 hours, everything clears out moving through the day sunday. sunday afternoon clouds breaking apart the high pressure builds in from the west. this means sunshine for the day monday and tuesday the temperatures back into the upper 40's, low 50's. the forecast tonight, not a little bit of drizzle, snow flurries it's a little bit cold. a. 20's in the north and west, low 30's closer towards the bay. tomorrow, a mixture of sun and clouds in the afternoon 42-47 the wind out of the north at 5- 10. the extended outlook no significant storms on the horizon. the chance of showers wednesday. limited to about 30%. the temperatures cool, slightly above average this time of year. moving towards the end of the week, two years ago today the anniversary of snowmageddon. we have an interesting block on the website. over 30 inches of snow, just two years ago. >> how could we forget that, the back-to-back blizzards? >> i will take the rain. for the peop
county, route 4, southern maryland boulevard closed between west chesapeake road and west bayfront road. chopper is live over the scene right now. and what you're going to have to do in this area is follow police directions. very tricky, but follow police direction. if you can avoid this area, i would do so now. the delays are growing at this time. traveling along i-66, also seeing delays. still seeing the left lane blocked at route 123 as you head eastbound on 66. and big delays, in fact, 15 miles per hour as you make your way toward the accident. and you can see you're very slow at monument drive making your way past 50 and heading to route 123. and on i-95, still tractor-trailer really slowing you down and blocking the right lane at triangle. eun? >> thank you. >>> 6:02. today a charlotteville jury will begin discussing the fate of a former university of virginia lacrosse player on trial for murder. jurors will decide if george huguely had the intent to kill his ex-girlfriend, yeardley love, or if her death was an accident. in closing arguments the proscecution argued that huguely br
central virginia, lower southern maryland possibly. 44 degrees. looks like a warm thursday for us tomorrow. a sunny start. some clouds increase in the afternoon. the showers will hold off till later in the day. temperature 68 degrees. would not be surprised to see some spots touching 70, especially south of d.c. expect a warm thursday. 8:00 in the morning 47. by noon we're already up to 62 degrees. by 4:00 68 degrees. and we'll hold those rain showers off as mentioned until later in the day. they linger into friday. friday looks pretty windy. temperatures head from the mid- 60s to the mid-30s. so big swing and then we stay in the 40s for saturday and sunday but before starting to rebound again on monday. we're starting to have more warm days than chilly days on the five-day. >> a reminder you can check the weather any time you want. if you download the fox 5 weather app, search for d.c. weather. you can also find it on our website >>> he's become a lin-sensation overnight. his bracelet reads "in jesus' name i pray." many fans want one just like it but they're sold out. the man
toward charles county, and also into st. mary's county in southern maryland. the heaviest rain is still well south of us, south of fredericksburg but it is moving off to the east-northeast. this activity is not reaching the ground. it's just fairfax and german  town. we will go to live doppler. this will pinpoint the activity. fredericksburg, la plata, some of the activity now getting into southern maryland. for the most part it will bea glancing blow and a quick one, but enough to wet the road especially if you're coming up route 5. so some showers in the morning on thursday. the good news is we're look at a salvageable afternoon after a wet morning commute south, not a bad day on thursday. still mild. not 72 but 55. and then still nice on friday. temperatures still should make it up to 50. so there's no arctic air in sight. overnight, mostly cloudy and cool, light rain by dawn, lows only in the 40s. winds northwesterly at 10. tomorrow morning, we're going to have some early showers, primarily south and east of town, then becoming partly cloudy, temperatures tin 40s. by afternoon, ve
are in southern maryland, a couple sprinkles, but for the most part moisture is out of here. we're 45 downtown, pressure steady over the past couple hours, 30.06 inches of mercury, winds out of the south at 7, a very high dew point for the middle of winter. let's go over the points again, coastal storm sunday. keep your saturday night plans, no problems. it will start as rain about everywhere. rain will change to snow 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. sunday and the critical times still appear to be 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. sunday. these bullet points don't really change. the question is how much moisture gets in here. i mean the critical times will always be between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. sunday. the question is are they going to be moderate, heavy snow or a little bit of light snow? we'll keep you posted. again it's only thursday. satellite picture radar combined, some of the energy and moisture is actually back in the southwest now producing some rain in arizona, new mexico, snow north of albuquerque and beneficial rain in west texas. that's fantastic news. they are in the midst of an over a year long drought. most o
in southern maryland. a little more cloud cover. northbound near 100% of sunshine for monday. so a cold evening and a cold start tomorrow morning. temperatures well below freezing in the western suburbs. but tomorrow, a big time warm-up. temperatures are going to jump about 30 degrees from start off temperatures in the morning to high temperatures in the afternoon. mild tomorrow. temperatures into the low 60s in many spots. there's that area well away from the washington area. that weather front comes through about sunset time ushering in a chilly night tomorrow night. but not too bad. tuesday looks nice too. rain returns on wednesday. clear skies. temperatures falling fast. low 40s to mid-30s by 11:00. for tomorrow morning, clear skies. coldest in the west. mid-20s. then tomorrow afternoon, beautiful weather. high temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s for most. maybe a few extra clouds towards southern maryland. the seven-day forecast mild tomorrow. not too bad on tuesday. rain looking more and more likely for wednesday. maybe lingering into the front half of thursday. then another
in northern maryland, maybe a little longer into southern maryland. those should just be rain drops. then we should see clearing late in the day, temperatures well above freezing today. so not expecting any real problems on the roads today or in the early evening hours tonight. early tomorrow, some spots in maryland will be far enough below freezing, you could have a little slipperiness in the morning, but tomorrow afternoon, sunshine and temperatures near 50. that will pretty much be the end of that. >> wow. looking up again. >> yes, indeed. >> all right, thank you, chuck. >> you're welcome. >>> well, the results are in and it is a clear victory in "decision 2012" this morning. mitt romney won the nevada caucuses with 48% of the vote. newt gingrich finished second with 23%. ron paul was next with 19%, followed by rick santorum with 11%. >> the results from nevada and florida give romney back-to-back victories in the republican race for president. he celebrated with campaign supporters last night in las vegas. >> now, this is not the first time you gave me your vote of confidence, and this t
. a few sprinkles in washington and prince george's county, southern maryland and right near the bay. we'll have that second batch of some of that lighter rain moving back through the metro area in about an hour. we're chilly, in the 40s throughout most of the region. montgomery, fairfax, arlington county. upper 40s to near 50. so is the district of columbia. here's your day planner. sunrise at 7:14. perhaps a lingering sprinkle around 9:00. then sun back this afternoon. highs reaching mapd upper 50s. cold tonight. donella, how's traffic? >> breaking news on i-270 northbound. all of your lanes are still shut down at this time. if you're traveling on the inner loop of the beltway, connecting to i-270 northbound at the spur. you can see these cars are jammed. we had a serious accident involving three vehicles including a tractor-trailer. right now the crews are working but your delays are significant. if you're traveling the inner loop of the beltway and you want to get on i-270, if i were you, i'd loop around and come on the outer loop and connect northbound to i-270. bus right now they'r
. dense fog advisory for the district, prince george's county, most of southern maryland until 6:00 this morning. so if you are headed out the door here in the next few minutes, be ready for a little extra time. >> yes. you have to slow it down. >> let's take a look and see what we've got to offer. i don't know what map i have. wasn't sure what map was coming. there is your fog advisory. been doing that a lot lately t includes the district of columbia. southern maryland and portions of virginia as well down towards slopial beach. you've got a dense fog advisory until 6:00 this morning. it doesn't mean counties off to the north and west aren't encountering it too. temperatures at reagan national, we are currently 41 degrees. 39 out at dulles. 40 in hagerstown. 45 in ocean city. going to be a sort two stories here. first the fog but once we burn the fog off, a beautiful afternoon. bright sunshine expected and warm temperatures. how about low to mid-50s. mild and breezy. winds out of the north and west 10 to 15. should be a gorgeous afternoon. >> more details on the forecast. we'll
, montgomery, and prince george's county. much of southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore near 40 degrees. now here's the view from space. with the clouds closing in, the area in color, that is the zone of rain. getting a few sprinkles now. perhaps trying to reach the ground off to our west along the frederick and washington county line toward loudoun county and the northern shenandoah valley. the bulk of the rain is much farther west and north, up near pittsburgh and down toward eastern part of ohio and southern ohio. there's some heavier downpours there, too. those will be moving in by later today. that will be by 9:00 or 10:00. and by noontime, we'll certainly have the rain around. between now and then we'll stay in the 40s. sunrise at 6:41. rainy and milder, around 60 by this afternoon. the evening planner in ten minutes. back to you. >> thank you very much. >>> 4:32. breaking news in prince george's county. a sinkhole is affecting traffic right now in bladensburg. >> news4's tracee wilkins has more. what do you see out there? >> reporter: good morning. let me show you what's
streets. up to 2.5 and 3 inches northwest of town, in the higher elevations. southern maryland, sari, mostly grain for you today. sunday tomorrow. high temperatures where they should be, ended 40's. friday sunday and near 50. >> feeling pretty good about the ride in maryland. 270 travel is moving quite well out of frederick into montgomery county and all the way down to the lane divide. no problems in and out of baltimore. new york avenue closed in both directions between florida avenue's the daikon documented overnight crash. we will take you to travel times which are working very well for you between fredericksburg and baltimore along 95. if we will give you the green light on 66 between centreville and the beltway. and go to the dulles toll road. metrorail and marc and of virginia rail are on normal service. >> sounds good. we are looking at 37 degrees in northwest. >> caps played last night. we will explain the potential playoff applications. 5:21. >> there is something wrong at home. >> the other women and wives thasos on the next anderson. -- and wives face off. ♪ ♪ ♪
to the beltway and in southern maryland. 49 degrees in the district and 46 in leesburg and now 50 in culpeper. some rain through about 11:00 a.m. and the sky will clear this afternoon. it is not as warm as yesterday 57 degrees but well above average for this time of year and near 60 south of the metro. tomorrow will be sunny and we will cool down. upper 40's and locally we will be in the lower 50's but in outlying areas, it will be cooler than that tomorrow afternoon. the weekend will have added cloud cover. >> 270 northbound has an accident that has to 70 northbound closed. this is after democracy boulevard before montresor road. this accident involved a couple of tractor trailers. you can see northbound after democracy boulevard and before montrose road remains close. another 50 minutes before they can let anyone by. >> that is not pretty. police parents teachers, and herds of -- and students are on high alert after some and sexually assaulted a student inside a s.e. school. >> it happened yesterday at ketcham elementary. the suspect is still on the loose and parents are not happy. >> schoo
morning, notice how the snow began to work it way south. still rain in southern maryland, but we get a break either side of lunchtime, except for the mountains. here comes the arctic air. with the front and the wind, this is when we had the best chance of snow showers in the afternoon and evening on saturday. probably ending before midnight on sunday. but, because of that, i think we're going to see snow showers that may accumulate, oddly enough, east of town and south of town into southern maryland. so, not tonight, but tomorrow night you could see maybe an inch over toward anne arundel county, prince georges county, charles county, and even down into parts of southern maryland. an inch to an inch and a half near frederick and hagerstown because you have two shots at the snowfall. tomorrow night, rain and snow showers, cold, 1 to 2 inches possible. frederick north and west to hagerstown to martinsburg and winchester. lows in the 30s. primarily above freezing in town. tomorrow morning, early snow showers possible and cold. dress in layers. temperatures aren't going to do much tomorro
yesterday dropped snow well south of town. southern maryland, fredericksburg, you got an inch or snow. four to five hitches there. low 30s north and west. they are 33 degrees, 32 in leesburg. and 35 in washington. >> reporter: light traffic all around. things are great outside right now. no problems to report as you come in on the bw parkway. a live look at this area. we'll take you back over to the maps, this time to the other side of town, looking great on the dulles toll road from leesburg to asheville. we'll take a live look to the northbound side of i 395 the to the 14th street bridge. all light this morning, the length of 395 and 95. >>> coming up in my next report, 6:12. back to you guys. >>> the owner of a dcliquor store is in trouble with the law all because of our investigation by our own andrea mccarron. >> this came justify weeks after our first 9 wants to know investigation. jessica doyle is live with the story. good morning jess. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. this liquor store, allegedly the supplier of alcohol, to minors as young as 14 years old. richard kim is th
on the lower eastern shore. southern maryland, virginia, and it never got into the 50's yesterday, up here around baltimore. it got warmer as you move south. >> i kept waiting for it, and then the wind finally came. >> but there was severe weather south. so at least we avoided damaging winds from thunderstorms. now we have winds coming in from behind the cold front coming through, and they are bringing in a reinforcement of chilly air, which will keep us locked in the 40's all weekend long. our temperatures now are in the low 40's. here is radar. this is about, what? five hours worth of radar imaginary. all we're seeing is radar lake effect snow showers. look how quickly they are moving. the strongest gusts we have had here is 26, but we expect those, as the sun comes up, we expect those winds to pick up during the day today. so a wind advisory is in effect for the area. we'll talk about that and if we'll return to the 70's and 50's and 60's like that coming up in a few minutes. >> our big story this morning comes out of annapolis where same sex opponents have started the referendum proces
snow and rain tomorrow. when i -- that's southeast. we're talking southern maryland, st. mary's county, fredricksburg. you're likely to stay wet tomorrow but the rest of us north and d.c. seeing light snow. roads mainly wet. they're warm from the last couple of days and even temperatures tomorrow afternoon in spite of the fact i think there will be snow around we'll likely be in the mid and upper 30s for the afternoon when it's snowing. right now a trace to an inch. maybe a little more than that north and west. this is going to be not a system to knock our socks off but given this winter's lack of snow, it will be something to talk about. 40 degrees this morning in leesburg. it's 30 in manassas and culpeper. gaithersburg up to frederick 45. in southern maryland we've got some temps in the low 40s there. upper 30s in the shenandoah valley. looking on our michael & son weather camera, no problems. good visibility in washington although the airport on the hour reported a couple of clouds with a light wind at 3 miles an hour making us feel like it's 44. so that windchill really not out the
folks in southern maryland will see it. perhaps as much as a half inch of rain. here is future cast. tomorrow morning early in the morning there is the area of rain around the washington area. montgomery county seeing sprinkles. then in back of it, wind will come from the northwest, so that will bring cooler air, but still nothing really cool. friday, high pressure around. the next batch of moisture will come our way for a least part of the weekend. not in the form of snow, rain showers. by late tonight the butchers in the 40's -- temperatures will be in the 40's. tomorrow as you head out you need the umbrella and raincoats especially southern maryland. temperatures 47 degrees. then we get into northwesterly wind. afternoon sunshine. temperatures tomorrow still about 10-15 degrees above average, even though below where we were today. sunny day on friday. even as we head into the weekend, we will see clouds and maybe a passing shower, nothing exceptionally cold. we have new logs up on our weather page,, and featuring some of the strange things going on. >> th
, and into prince george's county and the district, around 50 as well as southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore. here's the day planner, sunrise at 6:48. by 9:00, near 60. partly sunny by noontime. will be near 70. may even hit the low to mid 70s by early afternoon. then some storms coming in with some gusty winds by late afternoon. and they'll be even stronger tonight. we'll have winds gusting this evening, perhaps to 50 miles per hour, maybe even higher gusts farther west and north. as we get down to near 50 by midnight. a look at more big change for the weekend in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >>> if you're traveling along fwhaerk maryland, checking travel speeds there, looking really good. no issues. in fact, you're at 66 miles per hour making your way past 32. and as you continue closer to the beltway, you're at 64 miles per hour. no accidents at this time. and if you're traveling on i-95, getting busy southbound at 216. your travel speeds still good. 64 miles per hour. making your way to the beltway, that trip only takes nine minutes from 216. back to you both. >> thank you v
southern maryland, in the upper 30s to near 40. and there is the sky over the last 12 hours. that dark gray area north of washington, a few lingering flurries. but those are quickly heading off to the east. as the day progresses, we will have increasing sunshine and during the afternoon, sunny. and where there was no snow, make it all the way up to around 50 degrees. but where that snow is on the ground, it's going to take a while to warm up. may hit the low 40s farther to the south. overnight tonight, sun set at 5:51. clear and chilly. down, in fact, down into the 30s by late evening. even colder by dawn tomorrow. we'll look at that, the week and weekend, that will be in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic. good morning. >>> good morning, traveling bw parkway from the capital beltway to the baltimore beltway, no issues there. southbound travel speed for you, 71 miles per hour at 32. traveling on i-95, moving right along issue free. this is a live look at 216. southbound speeds to the capital beltway, 63 miles per hour. only taking nine minutes to make the trip. back to you. >> thank
areas. that even includes portions of southern maryland. right now we're waiting on the numbers. i'll have them most likely at 11:00 tonight or during the day tomorrow but i expect some accumulating snow in most locations with a few lingering showers this evening with some of the fog forming as we move on to the next couple days. don't even worry about tomorrow. gorgeous. temperatures around 50 with plenty of sunshine. it is sunday the day we'll worry about with the snow coming on in. monday presidents' day. >> good timing and bad timing. already out of school. >>> coming up on news 4 at 5:00 tonight the organic ingredient linked to high levels of arsenic in some baby formula. plus -- >>> i'm liz crenshaw. behind on mortgage payments? wa ways to get free foreclosure prevention help. and how to avoid scams. >>> the number of foreclosed homes jumped in january. new estimates predict 1 million homes will be in foreclosure by the end of 2012. >> home owners struggling to stay above water often feel confused about how to save their homes. liz crenshaw is here with ways those home owners
. a tornado watch for lower del mar vap and for deep southern maryland. wind advisories just about statewide. the winds will be picking up and kicking through midnight. we'll stay breezy. our high wind warning has been narrowed to extreme western maryland, mean garrett county. so we get an idea what's coming with the front. 40s, windy, some fog, some scattered showers showers. we'll talk billion how your weekend shapes up. >> bge is keeping a close eye on the winds. extra field crews are ready to roll, but bge said this would have to wait until after the winds die down. >>> abc2 continues to lead the way in the mobile news offering. visit right now and check out hour growing list of apps for whatever type of phone or tablet. you'll get it right to your device. >>> well, many of us are well aware of the dangers associated with a gas leak. that's why dozens of people dialed 911 in harford county, reporting they smelled gassments the source of the problem turned up to be something from miles away. >> reporter: these underground utility workers say it's not their line. >> coming up up north. you
. southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, weather watchers reporting low to mid 40s. and farther west, shenandoah valley out of the mountains of western maryland, west virginia, weather watchers there reporting at near 40 with a mostly clear sky this morning. our sunrise at 6:51. quite a bit of sunshine this morning. then a southerly breeze will pick up during the afternoon. as a result we will have warming temperatures. in fact, we should make it up to around 60 degrees by mid-afternoon. we'll also have some clouds rolling in. that's in advance of a disturbance coming through tonight that may give us some rain. i'll have the latest with your day planner in ten minutes. danella has traffic. good morning. >>> good morning. if you're traveling along bw parkway making your way from baltimore to the capital beltway, travel speeds look really good. i'm not seeing any issues for you. southbound, you're at 66 miles per hour as you pass 100. continuing southbound in laurel, 67 miles per hour. along i-95 no problems, 216 to the capital beltway, 64 miles per hour. only taking nine minutes
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